That Old Bible – A Story Of My Life by Evangelist Sam Biggers

  • I give thanks unto my God of love, grace, mercy and truth. Thanks are to Him who knew the intentions of my heart,
    spirit, soul and mind before I was born. He is my only source of life, naturally and spiritually.
    Today as I was driving to work, God revealed to me how He intervenes into the life of such a man as I, to bring
    forgiveness, restoration and blessings and not curses. He saw in me a willing heart while I was in the darkness of
    trouble. I am humbled and faintly understand the magnificence and magnitude of His love for me and that He will
    pursue me unto the ends of the earth until I would become exhausted and tired of living in a snare of the devil
    because of sin – missing the loving kindness of His Presence. Sin is anything that separates us from God, including
    our pride.
    While in such a state of denial that God cared about me personally, He was watching over me and withholding His
    hand of judgment because He is slow to anger, full of compassion and forgiveness. He sent signs of His love to me,
    and although I did not recognize or even acknowledge that He was present, He was standing, waiting with His heart
    of love with wide open loving arms of comfort to draw me into His Presence. He was seeking for my wayward,
    pleasure seeking soul to respond to Him.
    The reason for my current state of happiness is because of His grace and leading me to a place where I could realize
    my sorry condition and how I needed restoration.
    One day in mid 2014, as I was walking down the hallway to obtain a drink from a manmade fountain of water, I
    noted a trash can sitting outside the door of an individual who was cleaning out the office of person who had been
    released by another company within the building in which I have an office.
    I happened to look down at the trash can overflowing with trash and I noticed the corner of what looked like a rather
    thick book under many worthless things. I noticed that the book was approximately 1.75 inches in thickness. What
    caught my eye was pages of a book on the outside were lined in silver. Without recognizing it at the time, God had
    placed something in my path that would become the source of restoration to my current circumstance of living
    moment by moment in His presence.
    I waited until everyone was gone around me and I inquisitively went to the trash can to see what my natural eye had
    noticed. I quickly reached in and pulled it out, turned around and rushed back to my office afraid someone might see
    me digging through the trash that was on the way to the local landfill.
    When I reached the safety of my office with the book which had a cover that was worn, not because it was read, but
    because the cover was made of a synthetic material, which when placed upon a surface of paper or wood, would stick
    to the surface and some of the covering had pulled away as the book was picked up from that surface. I looked at the
    book and realized it was a Bible that possibly had been read some in the past; but it was obvious it had not been read
    very much because the pages were in picture perfect condition indicating it was seldom, if ever, read.
    While the cover was tattered and looked terrible with pages in near perfect condition, I placed it into my computer
    carrying case and took it home with me. It was a copy of the New Living Translation (Life Application Study Bible
    by Tyndale House Publications, Inc, Second Edition, 2004) of the Bible.
  • The condition of the exterior, and the fact that I had never read anything from the ‘New Living Translation’ of the
    Bible, prompted me to begin to and read some of the words on the pages outlined in silver. It looked terrible on the
    outside but it had the authentic and genuine word of God on the inside. That Bible, although I probably own a dozen
    or more, became the word of life in my journey back to total fulfillment in peace with Christ.
    That Bible had been owned by a man who once followed Christ, was a gifted musician, but had a desire for the
    pleasures of this life that brought him much success, so much so that some have told me he was unfaithful to his
    employers over a period of several years. The individual who throw the Bible into the trash can was a
    multimillionaire, who in the past attended a local church. I do not know their relationship with Christ so I do not
    judge them.
    What they discarded became the source of my journey back to God out of days of darkness and into His Glorious
    light. I cherish that Bible. It means more to me than words can express. It was though the reading of a worn and
    torn cover with pages outlined in silver that God began to slowly and gently guide me on the path to restoration.
    As I drove to work this morning, God clearly spoke to me: “I used that Bible to bring you back into full and complete
    fellowship with me. While others neglected it and threw it away, I directed your natural eye to see it and pick it up
    because you sensed in your heart it ‘just might be a Bible,’” I read it daily along with some other versions of the
    Bible, but it is a daily reminder of God’s grace and love to me. It is a picture of my life. He used something
    discarded and neglected by others as having little to no value to awaken my heart and spirit to His great love for me
    and mankind. I now understand the richness of His grace. I think I can better understand how the Apostle Paul felt
    about Christ. Once he hated the church and desired to kill it, BUT God in His rich love, grace and mercy, stepped
    into the path of Paul and forever changed the course of history. It is through the many letters Paul wrote, which are
    included in the Bible, that I and others can better understand God, the greatness of His love and grace, the mercy He
    extends to everyone, His desire to use us for His glory, and how He will guide us in the pathway of righteousness, if
    we are a willing wineskin to be used by Him.
    God wants our daily attention to His word, and through it, He breathes life into our spirits. If someone has not
    picked up His word for some time, please encourage them this is the day to start reading, digesting and to make every
    effort to live the abundant life given to us by Christ, in our daily life. Without the word of God in our heart, an
    individual will never make much progress spiritually. It gives bread to the hungry and water to the thirsty.
    I rejoice in the Lord, the Giver of Eternal Life and the one who directed my eye toward a book, although torn on the
    exterior is filled with His truth to restore and now guide me on my daily journey with Him.
    I am only a fellow traveler on a journey with the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who has brought me into His perfect rest