O God By Rev. Bruce Pearson

O God I weep for the sins of my nation.
                       We’ll fight to save an extinct swamp fly
                     But we’ll sit back and watch our babies die.
                          Who will weep for the unborn souls?
                             I tell you surely only God knows.
                             We will kill a man, to save a tree.
                       None of this makes much sense to me.
                The Apostle Paul said the things I ought not I do.
                                The things I ought I do not.
                                             Jesus said
                         wide is the gate, and wide is the way,
                                That leads to destruction,
                             and many there be that find it.
                        narrow is a gate, and narrow is a way,
                                 That leads to eternal life.
                                And few there be that find it.
                               Who will weep for this nation,
                                 Who will stand up for God?
                       David fought the giant and so must we.
             We stand up for pornography and call it free speech.
                What kind of a lesson to our children we teach?
                  I look out my window at all GOD has blessed.
                       I pray to God help us all pass the test.
                help us stand up for you, and let God do the rest.
          thank you, Father, thank you, Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.