“The New Progressive is Pragmatic, the Checkered Candidate,” by Dr. James R. Wining



democratvrepublican2Thanks to modern technology, privacy and a large bank of acquaintances it appears this elections change cycle is a little different. Normally a populist candidate masses a huge following based on offering as Huey P. Long did in the 1930’s ,”A chicken in every pot.”  His/her charismatic personality ignites followers who are drawn to the most basic of economic factors-human wants, needs and desires. Thus the populist candidate is usually not pragmatic but rather his/her goals simply wait to be checked by moderating opposition.

This time around the populist is in the most unlikely party-Republican Party. Further, he really isn’t interested in the ideological platforms of The Republicans or The Democrats but rather plain simple “Pragmatic Solutions.” His plans are based on a background not of politics but instead hard, crude, worldly business solutions. Business has in the past been a “man endeavor.” and he clearly typifies this foundation.However, owing to his pragmatic side he realizes and supports many non-business/non-Republican solutions. This includes pro-women issues, balanced energy and fair labor/jobs, How odd is that.

He initially resonated  with the “Gun toting,” ag based Christians that were poorly educated and so called “Red Necks.” I hope I have characterized the standard media foundation. However, ever so slowly in spite of Mr. Trump’s political stupidity and checkered past he stumbled across two issues that are picking up steam in a broad base of Democrats. It is very simple.

First, he doesn’t fit in either party and therefore must be beholding to the people and not the political parties. Sen. Sanders started out the same way and then was moved to yield to political pressure. Second, he isn’t the political favorite  but rather oddly enough he is beginning to be seen as the candidate without obligations whether it’s on energy, inner cities, business/trade or security.  Mrs. Clinton is clearly “Status Quo,” an unfamiliar ground for Democrats and an open field for the opposition to present new “Progressive Ideas.”

Maybe the “New Progressive is Pragmatic,” I don’t know. However, what I do know is nearly “ALL” of my Christian, and nonChristian Democratic acquaintances are debating not between Clinton or Trump but between Trump or not to vote. As time marches on we will see if Trump will block the traditional Clinton-Bush control in Washington. Is the reason progressive pragmatic or not?