Music makes the difference by Randy Baar of Thorn in the side ministries

music-notesSix months after my salvation a wonderful thing happened to me.  I was traveling down the road in my truck and an easy listening song came on the radio called “It was almost like a song” by Ronnie Milsap.  All of sudden I started hearing different words than what this song was saying.  It paralleled my personal testimony.  As I wept a voice inside told me to pull over and write the new words down.  So I did, and I renamed the song, “Once in every Life.”

When MI got home I was all alone.  I looked up to heaven and sang the new lyrics to Jesus and wept and wept and wept, with repentance, joy, love, etc.  I had never experienced worship like this before.  This same thing started happening with other songs too!  I was 25 years old when this started and it’s still happening at 63.  I began to wonder if this was special for just me or if it would work for others also?  

I studied music in the Bible and discovered some very interesting information.  God Primarily created each and every one of us to praise and give Him Glory.  Before the Devil rebelled, He was God’s no.1 angel and was in charge of praise, worship, & music.  The Bible is full of examples telling us how important music is.  Nowhere does it say if your voice isn’t that great you shouldn’t sing.  Which leads me to a theory I have, and I would appreciate it if you would help me with it.

I challenge you to find a song that reminds you of your personal testimony.  Then look for a song that helped you in the valley, then find a mountain top song that matches a high time in your life.  You can write a parody, a song, find songs that are already written.  Just so they are special to you.

Get all alone somewhere, lift your head high, face East, and sing each one of these songs to Jesus, God, or The Holy Spirit. I believe it will be an awesome experience for every follower of Christ if you’ll relax and let go. I would like to know what kind of experience you have when you do this.  Would you let me know?  

Unity, in Christ, though, The Holy Spirit,

God Bless,