“Mr Trump, Mr. Reagan and Mr. Nixon, What a Choice!” by Dr. James R. Wining







Governing the United States today requires brevity, practicality and majority rule. Sensitivity, conviction and adamant goals will take a back seat. Mr. Trump has picked up Democrats that have been abandoned on farms, in factories, unemployed, Christian/Jew, and those historically venomized groups such as white males over 40, gun owners and sports enthusiasts. However, he has kept a large portion of the Republican white collar suburban populace base.
Moreover, he has captured just enough of these groups in key states to take advantage of the electoral college and amassed 30 of the 50 states and over 300 of the 566 electoral votes (270 is needed.)

In the meantime he has insulted minorities, women and people with disabilities. While not running as popularly as many Republican candidates,he was able to survive and build a majority and doing such totally, “Politically Incorrect.” He has so poised himself to cut social funding projects, a front neighboring countries and stretch out into new alliances more conducive to his grand view of the USA in the 21st Century.

News media idiots worry how he can fund the wall. Answer: when with the flip of the pin he could impose a 1% duty against Mexican imports, collect $5.6 billion and build the wall on Mexico! News media idiots worry how can he fund the Great Tax Reduction.Answer: when with the flip of the pin he could grant civil & criminal immunity for repatriated money, billions of undeclared money since 1983 would pour back into the United States with a 30% tax. These concerns Mr Trump wants you to focus on are not the real agenda in “Making America Great Again.”

In 1953 US Senator Joseph McCarthy branded Hollywood “communists,” “left uncontrolled they will be the ruination of American morals & values.” Apparently, neither News media or the Actors Guild see what may be coming their way. How about registering politically active entertainers as lobbyists and exempting them from tax write off giving and imposing an entertainment tax on their interstate revenue base. With a flip of the pin billions come Mr. Trump’s way and society goes on with a small barely noticed bump.

Since the 1960’s many of us have worked for Civil Rights, Disability Rights, Health Care and social justice. Many times inappropriately done but with awareness a definite side benefit entertainers have helped.The problem has always been their agenda can interfere with the actual social cause.That being said watch the fight develop as the “Hollywood Types,” slowly figure out their clock is being punched hard with no sympathy from anyone!

Finally, I must address the beauty of “Black Lives Matter.” Does anyone remember “The Black Panthers?” Do you remember the Nixon Administration “Enemies List.” Any collation between history and Mr. Trump’s strong support of law enforcement and procedures like “water boarding,” “extreme vetting” and “social profiling.” This is something to watch because this “Black Lives Matter,” issue maybe exactly what it will take to push the pragmatist Trump into Right wing action!

Our job is to keep President Trump like Mr. Reagan and not Mr. Nixon. Voting for Mr. Trump may mean a better economic life but we also need a better social life.