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MissouribestlogoI suppose we are asked nearly every day why are you doing this Missouri’s Best. I guess the best answer I can give is one word “accountability.” Whether we are acting as individuals, businesses, employees, non-profits or religious institutions we are judged and relied upon based on our own unique gifting. All such gifting needs to be both appropriate for our works and trustworthy of its use.

We therefore, look to point out to the public the businesses, not-profits and religious institutions that have good morals, ethics and values. They may not be technically “The Best” but they will do there “Very Best” to do the right thing for you as a customer and for those living less fortunate. What follows is a brief summary of our mission as a part of a 23 year old ministry-Acts Ministry.

Missouri’s Best Doing A Right Thing
Welcome to Missouri’s Best

We are committed to good morals, ethics and values. We are loyal to our state, our country,
The Constitution and The Pledge of Allegiance.

We seek to support enterprises with a similar outlook and are “Doing the Right Thing”
in our state and in our communities.

How does your enterprise become honored on Missouri’s Best Listing Directory?
Conduct your enterprise with good morals, ethics and values, and Demonstrate your good morals, ethics and values by your works, and
Publicly demonstrate your support of the United States and The State of Missouri

What are some examples of works recognized by Missouri’s best?
Mentoring a child
Helping with a food pantry
Providing temporary housing
Car repair
Financing public awareness

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