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Membership has its Priveledges
The Acts Ministry web site offers a special MEMBERS ONLY section.  Inside this area members have access to all of theActs Ministry family of associated ministries plus many other great features.  Acts Ministry networks with churches, evangelists, and other ministries as well as Christian professionals and businesses such as doctors, lawyers, book publishers, accountants, Real Estate Brokers, Internet consultants and more.  Because of relationship with these people, organaizations, and businesses we want to protect them by limiting access to those people whom we know will treat them with Christian ethics.

To become a Member and receive full access to the members only area we ask only that you commit to give an offering of any amount to Acts Ministry on a monthly basis.

To request embership please fill out the short form below and submit it by pressing the Submit  Form button. Someone fromActs Ministry will get back with you as soon as possible with a login for the member’s section.

The Member’s Lobby is still under development but now is in operaton.

Please Note: if gaining access to the private room and having your information listed, is of interest to you, I will count it a privilege to give you my person, first-hand explanation and evaluation. THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF THE BOX THINKING!  We have committedyears to this effort to accumulate the best of every resource needed by independent clergy for their families, churches, and ministries. It is safe to say we have a list of benefits unsurpassed (and probably not equalled) by major denominations. My personal email is


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