The Mantle of God Upon a Life by Evangelist Sam Biggers

There may be those who disagree with us on our stand regarding the work of the ministry and to whom ministry is to be extended.  We are to stand ready to minister to anyone regarding of their beliefs or lot in life, including those we disagree with concerning Biblical truth.  I am reminded daily by the Holy Spirit to live life moment by moment in constant prayer within my heart.  My eyes must be open to see what God sees and my ears must be open to hear the voice of God with a ready tongue to respond in immediate obedience to give witness to the Great News of Jesus Christ.

We are called to the work of evangelism as a faithful steward of the asset of time given unto us by God, regardless of our vocation.  We must guard our hearts against any thought that we might attain a level of understanding superior to our fellow laborers within the Kingdom of God.  Nor are we to speak any word or take any action to attempt to communicate some special spiritual knowledge in order to impress others out of our carnal knowledge.  All cults spring out of such pride and foolishness.

God gives grace to all men liberally according to our need for salvation and our mission in life to fulfill the ministry unto which we have been called.  It is the Lord who places the mantle of His anointing upon man according to His divine will, and the anointing is contingent upon immediate, complete and full obedience of the man or woman of God upon whom He desires to place His mantle.  No one can fake the anointing and no man can withstand the hand of God when He releases His anointing.  Those of a humble and obedient heart know when the Lord has placed His mantle upon them.  Their heart is not puffed up nor is there any desire to be recognized by man or to have their actions approved or applauded by man.  It is a fearful thing to dishonor God by seeking man’s approval for the ministry unto which one has been called.  The mantle will only be placed upon the shoulders of those who walk in holiness and righteousness with a pure, unadulterated heart – See Psalm 24 and Psalm 15.

The only ONE from who we are to accept marching orders is the Lord Jesus Christ.  All other voices and activities must be servant to the chief Shepherd – including where we go, when we go and to what we are to place our hand and yield our voice.  God forbid we should fall short of the calling unto which He has called us in this day.