“The Manger Principal, a personal example,” by Randy Baar


Randy Barr I came to Christ at age 25 in a suicidal state. I had convinced myself there was no God.  But when I was that close to death I cried out to Jesus and He saved me.  There was no evidence of “The Manger Principal” for the next 15 years.  I think most followers of Christ need to have a strong walk with Christ and a strong talking relationship with God through prayer before this experience can happen.  And you have to be worshiping God and have a fruitful quiet time also.  The time can vary of course.

I was diagnosed by the MPLS VA hospital as having a bipolar disorder.  I was prayed for and felt I received healing from this many times.  When the depression came back, I felt like a failure and the rejection from God was even worse.  After much prayer I realized the bipolar challenge was a thorn in the side for me and His grace was sufficient for me.   I praised and thanked God for the challenge.  I gave myself, just like I was, to God and told Him I’d do the best I could.

The next thing I knew I was in home missions going to school and was accepted into American Missionary Fellowship.  I was challenged to do a TV program at our local cable TV station.  I couldn’t believe The Holy Spirit was leading me to do this, but He was.  I knew absolutely nothing about TV.  I was short and heavy set.  But my wife and I obeyed and this program immediately became popular.  Other stations wanted it.   We named the program “The Spirit of America Hour.” We were challenged to move the program to Branson MO.  After much prayer, we moved the program and ourselves to Branson.  It became more and more popular but we had to give it up after 10 years because I got very depressed for a long time. It was all in God’s plan.

My point is:  People with bipolar disorders are not supposed to be able to do TV.  I came from a very modest background, my weakness became a strength, I was even writing Christian parodies. I obeyed what God told me to do by the voice of The Holy Spirit.  I worshiped God as I sang the songs I re-wrote to The Lord in my quiet time. God enjoyed doing things through me I really couldn’t do. I made a lot of mistakes, but I love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit with all my heart.

Can you see “The Manger Principal” in my testimony?  Jesus came in a manger, prayed (talked and listened to His Father) Obeyed His Father, and worshiped His Father.  There was no pride in Him.  I am not even close to Jesus of course, but I strive to be.   

This is my third and last article on “The Manger Principal.”  If anyone has any questions, please call or email me.  randybaar@outlook.com – 417-263-0317