Love That Shared By Lorraine Smith

 Love That’s Shared
In our heart we hold a substance,
That should be spread around;
To all the ones we cherish,
There’s lots of love there, to be found.
Sometimes for years it’s hidden,
By feelings strange or sad;
But as the outside layers go,
We find that love there, it’s around.
At times, it just takes the faith,
Of one who’s been down that road;
And the burdens they take on for you,
Helps the hurt you’ve felt unload.
It can give you joy and happiness,
Just to know that someone cares;
And others want to let you know,
All your feelings, they are shared.
Compassion’s a love that’s sent by God,
And some cups are over run;
You don’t have to try to pay it back,
It was paid for by God’s Son.