“A Look Back and Forth in 2016,” by Dr. James R. Wining


hillaryclinton2trumpjohnkennedyWhen you look at the 2016 Presidential Election it’s hard not to laugh. The Democrat’s nominated their least popular, least trusted and poorest experienced candidate. The Republicans nominated their least Republican, least experienced and least compassionate candidate.  There are third party candidates but who really cares about people un-vetted in the US two party system.   Most of us learned this with Henry Wallace, Strom Thurman, George Wallace, and Ross Perot. At least those that are alive today to vote.

The real decision is which candidate will protect and support what I believe in. So let’s see I have supported issues involving autism, disabilities, homelessness and veterans. I believe in freedom of religion, democracy, family values, and economic opportunity. Somewhere after all this I do want a safe place to live and a world that is not in constant conflict. Oh, yeah I also have always believed in universal health insurance, free education, guaranteed retirement and compulsory community and/or military service for all men and women. I may be getting to picky.

Do I think Hillary Clinton cares about these things I have so carefully articulated? In her service as a US Senator and Secretary of State are we better off, better socially balanced or closer to any of my beliefs such as family values? On the other hand what about Donald Trump. He has zero government experience and most likely will have few friends in the Senate or House of Representatives to make things happen my way. Wow, when you lay it out it looks pretty hopeless.

However, here is some good news I am weighing. The “Old Guard Republicans” that have fought me for years on social issues are out now and maybe out for a long long time if Donald Trump is elected President. Moreover, if Hillary Clinton is defeated the “Old Guard Democrats” that have confused and abused social issues with economic dependence would be out. Real Democratic thinking might rekindle my lifelong motto spoken by President John Kennedy, “… ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”  Doing for your country should be doing for the public, Amen.

A good fellow Pastor and friend who is Black and I guess progressive like me stated it in frank and short terms; “I am giving Trump a chance because it can’t get any worse than it is now.” My words exactly.

Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining