“I just can’t Vote for the Better of Two Evils,” by Dr. James R. Wining


belarus-flagA minister the other day remarked to me “I just can’t vote for the better of two evils.”
I am certain he had a different perspective of choices after hearing my short trip
into history. My lesson involved Byelorussia now called Belarus.

Byelorussia was a small agrarian Independent Russian state in 1941. It was
constantly ravaged by the larger Russian State. Russia routinely killed its people,
enslaved its men, raped its women and stole its harvested crops.
The people who could not flee to America tolerated the horrible conditions and
just barely survived.

When Hitler’s Nazi Germany rolled into town Byelorussia greeted their arrival like
conquering heroes. However, shortly they would experience a different level
horror that also expanded into torture, mutilation, and human experimentation.
The 15 million people now 10 million faced a gigantic choice. Which evil was the
better choice? A butcher or bleeder? Someone they hated or someone they
despised? Does this choice of evils pale ours in 2016,really!

Needless to say this small country, the home of my wife’s ancestry, supported
with all their might Russia against Nazi Germany.The Nazi were finally driven out
by late 1943. Russia returned without appreciation, absorbed  them into the
new USSR and killed nearly all their leaders. The people learned how to
survive under the horror of Stalin and eventually in 1991 became the
independent State of Belarus. Just as a footnote Hitler ordered killed over
11 million people in Europe and Stalin over 49 million.

It maybe to late for this article but I sincerely hope Christian leaders get the
point NOW!