“A Short Word from ‘Joey’,” The Dummy that Knows it all!

It appears the Presidential Candidates Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump are focused on different concerns.
“Joey” also has different concerns. Now let’s summarize what the “Top 2” concerns are for “Joey” and the candidates.
Mr. Trump’s “Top 2” appears to be terrorism and immigration. Mrs. Clinton’s “Top 2”  appears  to be Benghazi
and emails. However, “Joey” said his “Top 2” was legalization of medical cannabis and social welfare assistance.

According to Joey, and I paraphrase, no doubt security and trustworthiness are important but speaking as a “Dummy,”
it seems to me humans should be concerned first and foremost on being a healthier and kinder nation to our children,
our veterans, our seniors,our disabled and all our citizenry in general!!!  Truly God will Bless such a Nation!!!