Jimmy Dunn

A little over three years ago this writer met Jimmy Dunn. I was informed by Dr. Paul Collins that Jimmy
was an accomplished Amway businessman, loving husband and father, Assemblies of God parishioner and
long standing Director of Acts Ministry. Shortly, after his introduction by Dr. Collins, I reached out and
attempted to shake hands. Jimmy introduced me to his “Famous Handshake,” and his compassion for a
broader Christian world.

In our first meeting he asked me why I was interested in Acts Ministry? I recounted my contact and hearing the
vision statement of Dr. Paul Collins, “Unity in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” while an Independent \Ministry meeting in Panama City, Florida. He immediately shared his broader perspective of Christian Faith. We sat their in Dr. Collins’ meeting area in his home with totally different backgrounds (Jimmy Dunn Assemblies of God and I United Methodist) but with the same vision and mission for Christians in the 21st Century.

During the course of assembling the parts necessary for reaching out to the disjointed Christian World and the perceived hostile secular world, Jimmy was always there, offering an encouraging remark, a timely assessment and a practical piece of business advice. When reflecting on his continual Directorship participation I am reminded of events that affirm his mentioned efforts to bring “The Christian World Together.”

First, he encouraged our new entity of Christian dissemination Acts Media Group (AMG) to offer opportunities to serve irrespective of their current walk in Faith. This met reaching out into the secular world to those without Christian Faith. Second,he would suggest to me to spend no time thinking about those that reject your purposeful communication efforts for social issues and the responsibility of organized churches. Jimmy would say, “Churches either get it or they reject it, there appears to be no middle ground.” Third, and finally Jimmy would always say, “God expects us to be good stewards of his Kingdom. Irrespective of the challenge or difficulties use your business knowledge to Glorify God.”

I still find it hard to believe he’s gone. However, I will always cherish his memories andjimmy dunn his love for the vision
“Unity, In Christ, through The Holy spirit.” See you later dear dear friend,

Dr. James (Jim) R. Wining, President
Acts Ministry
Acts Media Group

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