“Its Time to Take a Stand-Maligned Political Correctness,” Part 2 by Wylie Comp Faith Harvest Ministeries


flag and crossWe are looking at the condition of our community, our role in it, and the position taken by many followers of Christ and how their example should be a positive influence on our lives as believers today. Part 2 ~ Maligned political correctness The entire “Political Correctness” thing is absurd.

Those in government, who are supposed to be representing us and serving our best interest, have been swallowed-up by what can only be described as their own self-serving and self-promulgating activities without regard to those who sent them there in the first place. We know the truth, yet we allow our so-called leaders to operate with impunity and cloud the issue with more of their misguided rhetoric. And with blatant support and assistance from and by a delusional media, confusion has replaced common sense. We can ask ourselves this question: Who set this standard ? The answer is not all that surprising.

We did! Maybe we didn’t write it down, present it and campaign for it, but we did sit by and watch it happen. We enjoy living our lives without the hassle of political involvement. And, even though we are part of the largest voting-block in the United States, we stay out of the fray and home on election days. When the votes are counted we find ourselves with another “self-promoting” politician in office. Obviously our lives are and should be lived differently than when this wonderful country was first established. Progress is definitely a benefit for a society committed to the enhancement of life.

Christ Himself has something to say about that. He said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10.10 NIV). There is everything inherently wrong with the political arena applying pressure on everyone to accept what is obviously a blatant ploy to soften, or change the actual meaning of a word or phrase to accommodate an agenda-driven position by a special interest group and then forcing it on everyone whether it is liked, or understood, or not. There are several areas where this is occurring, but it is most apparent in the area of religious participation.

This is particular with and against Christian organizations. The prime example here is the obvious attempt by the “politically correct crowd” to neutralize, if not obliterate, Christian themes associated with holidays and other days of celebration which are observed by the family of faith. Christmas and Easter are just two. Commercialization, or over-commercialization, of these two periods of celebration are a main cause for the “establishment” to want to remove most, if not all, religious overtones to either one. They hide behind the veil of “political correctness” and the “boys and girls” in government, with the full and complete support of a liberal and biased media. They set lower and ever-lower standards, with a misguided understanding or desire to not offend anyone. This action totally disregards the opinions of the largest voting-block in our country: The Christians. And, what’s so surprising about this is we let them do it.

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