“History has written and History will write:” by Wylie Comp Faith Harvest Ministries



History has written about the affairs of man and his inability to stay connected to the Source of joy and success. Seems “ol’ what’s his name” and his minions have the world in chaos. In most every direction we look there is a mine-field of peril in our path.

God says He will keep us in perfect peace as long as our minds and hearts are stayed on Him. He also tells us we have a responsibility to tell those around us about His provision for eternal security through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Doing, or as the case may be, not doing this, is in large part the responsibility of the family of faith. That’s us ! One way to look at this is the example of a pebble in a pond.

Throw a pebble into a pond and ripples result. Bigger pebble equals larger ripples. Problem comes when the ripples are consumed by the pond. There is no more evidence of the pebble and no influence can be observed on the surface. Keep throwing in pebbles and the result will be a pile of rocks and no more pond. But, turn on a water faucet and not only are ripples produced, but the energy is continuous. Keep the water flowing and the pond will grow, even overflow its banks and have an impact on everything around it.

Think of yourself as being a faucet. Draw a circle around your feet and stand in it. Plug into the power source (that is, turn on the water) and make your circle larger. Increase the flow and your circle becomes even larger. More faucets, more ripples. Pretty soon the circles connect and the surface of the pond begins to dance. What do we have? Revival! If we, as believers, are to consider ourselves as faucets, we must be connected to “the source” and turned on to function as God intended.

Remember this: History has written about the affairs of men. And, History will write about this time and our place in it. Blood from the founders of this great country is still in the earth. They fought and died for our right to freely express our faith without infringement of/by government. The Blood of Christ covers all believers, including those who have died in faith. And, in that same faith, we are to be involved in reaching the lost.

Jesus tells us that love is the answer; that we are to take this truth into the workplace, the marketplace, or wherever the Holy Spirit directs. We have been washed with His Blood and, yes it is our responsibility, but even more, it is our privilege to encourage others through our faith and share the truth that lives within us with the lost.




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