“Hello The Real News-Review by Donna Moller MALPC Denver, Colorado



I am new to “The Real News-Review” therefore I will give you a little background of who I am and what I do.  My articles will be biblical counseling articles.


I have been a believer since 1972 through the destruction of my marriage to Tom Moller.  He and I had horrible marital problems and (not knowing the Lord) I decided that a divorce was the only way out.  While God seems to allow a lot of people to divorce, He just sat up and said, “NO!!” to us. Hence, through miraculous ways, God brought Tom and I back together in February of 1972, both of us on fire for the Lord.  We have now been married almost 52 years.  The blessing of being married has been absolutely amazing.  We have two sons and a daughter.  They have given us five delightful grandchildren. 


At present, I am a biblical counselor in Denver and am still practicing.  I really do not see myself ever truly retiring.  The Lord has called me to this profession; I enjoy it immensely so see no reason why I should hang it up and go floating somewhere in the universe. 


To help you know me a little better, I will share a wee bit of my journey in becoming a biblical counselor.  Prior to being a biblical counselor, I was a speech and hearing pathologist.  I worked part-time and consulted as I had my young children then.  I did enjoy it though!  Then, sitting in church in 1973, I was listening to a man named Mario Marillo who was preaching about ways to promote the gospel.  One of which was to get the credentials in counseling, hang up a shingle, and share Jesus.  Right there, I KNEW that was my calling.  In 1974 I began to do biblical counseling.  My mentor was a woman named Deidre Bobgan.  She fought to keep psychology out of counseling and the Word of God in counseling.  Under her guidance, I slowly understood the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit as His Way to heal people.  This was Santa Barbara, California. 


The Lord called Tom to manage radio stations in Denver, CO in 1982. I believed that I would trek out to Denver, somehow pick up the Speech and Hearing vocation and stop counseling.  After all, no one was doing biblical counseling in Denver, right?  Then the Lord gave me a dream right before we moved to Denver.  In it, He spoke strongly to me that I was to leave Speech and Hearing and only do biblical counseling.  I was stunned…again, knowing there was no biblical counseling done in Denver!  Needless to say, the Lord planted our family in one of the most on fire churches in Denver for biblical counseling.  The rest of the story is God’s story.  I continued biblical counseling, taught it in Marilyn Hickey’s Bible College for 10 years and then launched out as a sole proprietor in 1995. 


I received my Masters in counseling from Liberty University in 1996 and my License of Professional Counseling in 2000.  I just kept remembering what He had to say through Mario Marillo, His dream and put one foot in front of the other.  Getting my credentials (took 27 years), hanging my shingle out and sharing Jesus, that was my goal in ’73 and forever!  God is good.   We serve an awesome God.  Nothing can stop Him if we only trust Him. 


My next article will be focusing on the basis of biblical counseling, so stay tuned!