“Its Hear Disease,” by Pastor Johnny Morris



God2With 2016 being a presidential election year, everyone is focused on the political platform of the various candidates. People are very concerned over the overall worsening condition of this nation, and who we can trust to restore America to it’s previous greatness. We seem to be looking for that one man or woman who is qualified for the job. The problem with this approach, is we are looking for the cure for the disease plaguing this country in the wrong place. IT’S HEART DISEASE!!!

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ identified our problem over 2000 years ago when He said the human heart is full of evil, which overflows into every person’s words and deeds(Matthew 15:18-19). This country is being polluted and led by individuals with unchanged, toxic hearts(Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 27:19). The problem in the United States is not political, and it cannot be solved by political means. It is not legal, therefore all the laws in this country cannot solve the problem. It is not educational, if everyone had a Ph.D., we would still have a fallen and corrupted culture. It’s not financial, if everyone was a billionaire, we would still be in this downward spiraling condition.

It’s a heart condition!  A unrepentant heart does not have the ‘supernatural’ power to fix or heal America. Only hearts circumcised by the blood of Jesus Christ have the power and ability to make right moral and ethical decisions, bringing forth transformed lives that will lead this country back to God. Electing a new president, passing a new law, improving our educational system or implementing new financial policy is not the answer. The only answer is a NEW HEART!(Psalm 51:10).

God has the right approach and the only solution to fix this country and his name is Jesus Christ. He’s the true ‘heart changer’ that will bring reconciliation and restoration to America, one human heart at a time (2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

Put your faith in God, not in man. He will never disappoint those who love and follow Him.
God Bless.