The great divide by Wilma Sheffer

If you have studied the geography of our great Rocky Mountain range, you learned about the Continental Divide that runs north and south of the American West. To see it is another thing! I crossed this divide, starting in Rocky Mountain National Park on the east side of the Divide. You climb to dizzying mountain heights, the car straining, your ears popping with the gain in altitude. The “tree line” disappears, and now you see mountain range after mountain range, including the Never Summer Mountains. Finally a last curve in the road and you begin the downward spiral, into the Grand Basin. It is an exhilarating trip, full of gorgeous look out points, grandeur par excellence: A Great Divide indeed!
The outstanding fact of the Great Divide is what happens to water courses on it. All water that flows on the top of the mountains or glacier or snow waters that melt, flow from the heights, the east side flowing east, the west, flowing west. And that brings me to the real point that I want to make today! The Great Divide that has occurred in America in the past eight years has made a “mountain” of differing opinions and ideas in our nation. We are coming to a very significant election time soon, and our fractured country will take a side and vote for one side or the other. The Spiritual analogy for this Great Divide is easy for a Christian to see: if we are not God fearing and believe in His Laws and Grace, we aren’t going to flow with those who do believe. Contrarily, our warfare is heating up in the most common of places. When Jesus discussed the Latter Days, He talked about family members being divided, mother against daughter, father against son. It comes out in rather inane discussions. For example, I posted my comment about the poll outcomes, and not one but two challenged me as to my opinion. So I looked up the “polls”, and depending on which side of the divide you are on, you can find not one but many to support your view. This only matters because feeling are hot and heavy regarding the two personalities who are running for office. We can’t even begin to discuss the ideas that separate the Divide! And it is the Ideas that are either hopeful for America or pernicious to us. Do we really want babies to be killed in or out of the womb? What does the Word say about murder? Do we want a country that was built on Constitutional Law and Order to become a nation of savages who burn down the town when they want to do so? What about God’s design for marriage! What about our religious freedoms? What about our free speech? What about the responsibility of a free press to provide the facts, not their biases. I think these ideas are worthy of discussion at the very least, but even in families, we cannot have rational discussions. It is not just families that are divided!
A great man was invited to speak at a Christian University in St. Louis last week. He was to present his ideas in a forum to the college students regarding the threat of radical Islam. Before he came, a college official wrongly declared him to not have knowledge of the subject. On the day that he appeared for the lecture, the students who had gathered in the auditorium waited until he was introduced, and then with his permission, a huge majority walked out of the place without even opening their minds to hear one word. They are now trained to refuse learning, not trained to listen and consider all that he had to teach them. The Spanish Inquisition has reappeared on the scene.
The Book of Jeremiah speaks of such a time as this. God spoke of how His people had been given living springs of water, but they had dug cisterns that leaked. That is the divide that the people created between themselves and their Maker! We have done similarly in America, and our cisterns are leaking badly! (Jeremiah 2: 13)