“Great American Leaders with Walter Cronkite” by Dr. James R. Wining


Through decades of objective journalism and eleven presidents Walter Cronkite narrated the history and times of the USA. His sincerity of reporting the truth brought solemness to the American public when the Korean War became an armistice. The picture with President Harry S. Truman memorializes the event.

When the USA embarked on the “New Frontier,” with the excitement of Civil Rights and the battles against racists groups and at the same time the battles of the “Cold War,” and “The Cuban Missile Crises” Walter Cronkite was there. Here he is with President Kennedy when these new challenges touched America.

Finally, the picture of Walter Cronkite interviewing one of if not the greatest astronaut of the USA NASA Space program Senator (Later achieved) John Glenn summarizing the great unlimited expectations of the American hopes and dreams.

Yes, he also interviewed Presidents Nixon, Carter, Bush (2), Clinton and Reagan but this reporter highlighted only the extreme emotions of disappointment, hope, dreams and fears shared by reporter Walter Cronkite.