“Get on Board,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Most of us started out supporting any candidate except Mr. Trump. Well we missed the “First Train Stop.” In fact, we were pretty certain Mr. Trump was to inexperienced, to crude and to politically naive to ever win the Republican nomination.  He won the Republican nomination for president.

Then came the “Second Train Stop,” which many of us also missed. We were again pretty certain Mr. Trump couldn’t put together a popular coalition to win 270 electoral votes. Several groups of people boarded the “Trump Train,” including working people, rural farmers, Christians, veterans, small business owners and senior citizens. They were enough to give Mr. Trump victories in such Democratic states as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. He also won the normally close states of North Carolina and Florida resulting in 304 electoral votes and the Presidency.

Now we have President Trump who has spoken plain, shouted out his plans and is starting the the train again. Clearly this will be an era of pro-business where states promised help will receive it and citizens left behind will see a re-birth in health, wealth and economic prosperity. Does this sound like President Ronald Reagan and his “Supply Side Economics?”

Don’t be a fool and try to swim upstream get on board at the “Third Train Stop.” Why, because if you follow his lead this time you will know as in 1981-1989 where to invest, what to invest in, who to invest in and how to invest. All of which will make your life and others a much happier place. Avoid the malcontents, perennial protesters and negative small minded thinkers. Focus on the train and your job, investments, retirement and general well being. Because it could be like that old 1929 Depression song plays, “Happy Days are Here Again.”