“Firing Up a Fresh Flame,” from “I’ve Been Thinking,” written by Ms. Wilma Sheffer

“Newly recruited soldiers train for some months in Basic Training prior to ever going to the battlefield. No one would think of sending them into the fray without weapons of warfare! And if there is no experienced leader with a workable battle plan, they are still doomed to lose in the battle, no matter their training or weaponry.As Christians, we have a Great Commander, Jesus Christ, who empowers his soldiers (all true believers) for the spiritual battles against the foe, satan and his fallen angels. A good example is the Battle of Jericho, led by the man, Joshua, but guided by the Great Commander Himself, Jesus Christ, Captain of the Lord of Hosts! (Joshua 5: 14-6: 5) Joshua recognized Him, fell on his knees and removed his sandals when told to do so. And this is the first step for us when we are preparing for battles. Being humbled as to our own abilities to fight our problems is a great way to defeat personal vanity. If we think we can “win” in our own strength when we are facing a difficult trial, such as sickness, a rebellious child who won’t hear God’s Word, a mate who was once loving and compassionate with us, but now has drifted so far away that we seem to be on separate mountains, we are simpletons, much like untrained soldiers, without weapons or a battle plan! These are Spiritual battles, not fleshly ones. All we can do is get on our knees and begin to seek God’s plans for the battle! How will we ever win if we do not have the Righteous Commander on our side in the fight?
God gave very specific battle plans to Joshua, and Joshua obeyed them to the letter! It might seem to be a foolish sort of battle plan, walking around a walled city, day after day, trumpets blowing, but people not speaking a Word. But on that Seventh Day, when the order was given to “shout!” Shout they did! And the walls fell down flat! Victory! Jericho fell and God received the glory!
In another instance,, self-confidence took over Joshua’s heart. Though Joshua was told by God to make no alliances with any of the people groups, one group, the people of Gideon, initiated their plan to fool Joshua with appearing to not be of the local tribes, which they were, but instead they said that they were from a far country and unfamiliar with the territory; they lied! The fact that Joshua did not fall on his knees and inquire of the Lord, but made his own decision severely cost the Israelites in the years that followed. What a trouble we make for ourselves when we do not seek the Lord!
Christian, when will you begin to pray as you ought to pray? When will you read the Word so that you become intimately acquainted with the character and nature of the Lord? When will you quit playing church and become “white hot” for God and His plan for your life? Do you have battles in your life? If your answer is “Yes!” Then lukewarm will not do! In fact, lukewarm is not what Christianity is at all! No one can do what you can do! Let the Lord into your heart and soul! Seek Him while He may be found! The war rages! What you CAN DO, do! And God will do the rest!P.S. You will respond to this article in one of two ways: you will become a prayer warrior for the Lord and His will, or you will go on your own way, doing your own thing, and remain in apathy and discouragement! Remember, God never loses a battle! He is the Great Commander and has ALL things in His Hands!

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