Faith And Obedience,Bring Jesus To A Fishing Village In Ghana Africa By Rev. Bruce Pearson

I will start by saying I am not a very good writer.  I had to ask God for help with this.  My brother and I had a garage for 22 years in Springfield, Missouri.  It was Pearson Automotive.  God would bring people to us who needed help; it was more of a ministry than a garage.  We were faithful to God to help those God sent us, and God was faithful to us.  When God sent someone to us we were in need also, and God always made a way.  God sent Kobena Charm,   a student from Evangel, also known as Obe Wan Kobena.  A nickname was given him by my brother, Bill, who always supported me in God’s work.  We helped him with auto repair, and sometimes money when needed, for years.  Sometimes it was hard because we were struggling ;  but we were faithful.  Praise God.

     Because of our faith and obedience and faithfulness to God,   kobena was able to finish school and go on to school at the Methodist Theological Seminary and is a chaplain at Methodist Hospital  Memphis, TN.

     Kobena`s youngest daughter had leukemia and she was treated at Danny Thomas hospital.  This is where the Memphis connection came into play;   she is in remission.  Praise God.

      Kobena met Brandon Bond through prayer meetings held weekly at the garage.  We called it the Upper Room.   Jesus was always there,  and we were blessed.  We always had a meal at Steak and Shake before the meeting,  and we always witnessed for Jesus.

     Kobena and Brandon went to Ghana, Africa, and started a church called Robberson Prairie Abuesi branch.  This church is about 150 strong,  not including the children.   It has started three other churches along the coast of Ghana, Africa.   These are Abot, Axim, and Cape Coast.  It is better to make fishers of men than a fishing village!

     They still fish the same as they did in Jesus’ day with their hands and nets and dugout boats.  These churches have changed the villages and brought the light of Jesus to a dark and dying area.  There is also a women’s  and Children’s health clinic dealing with prenatal care

     The pastor is our adopted son.   He adopted us and we adopted him.  John Kwasi Boateng is a true man of God and puts God before everything, faithful in all he does, loves God.

     The next year we went on a mission trip to Ghana and saw miracles and all GOD had done.  A child talked to my wife in Fante and the interpreter said he would translate,  but my wife heard her in English! We had revivals every night.  One night it started to pour rain,  but we prayed and it stopped.

      There were hundreds of people in attendance.  We prayed and people were healed,   set free from evil spirits,  and made whole in Jesus’ name.

    My wife, Beverly, did a program for the children with picture presentations of a life without Christ,
and a life with Christ.  Children accepted Jesus, and many of the mothers came and accepted Jesus.

     God works in his own way.  We think we can do things,  but it is always God who brings the increase. God is still alive,  still on his throne despite popular belief, and is always in control.  People came to the knowledge and the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  All of this came about because of years of faithfulness and faith in God

     Dr. Paul Collins always says little is much when God is in it.  Praise God;  it is always about God!