Evangelism and Church Growth by Wylie Comp of Faith Harvest Ministries, Inc.



Bible We all know evangelism to be a serious responsibility that has been assigned by God to local bodies of believers, and through them to individuals and ministries involved in sharing Christ with unbelievers. This responsibility cannot be shirked by leadership or specific entities which have been called to be involved with the concept of outreach to those in need of the truth. We live in a time where confusion and debauched life-styles are more prevalent than ever before. All Christ centered believers alive today should feel some responsibility toward getting the truth out to those desperately in need of knowing God’s plan for those born as a product of His creation. From Matthew 28.19-20 we know Believers are commanded to go. We are to share Christ with whomever and make disciples, i.e., grow. In response to, or as part of this responsibility, the Body of Christ, the Church, should take God at His word: The Body of Christ should have the desire to be involved; be available; and be grounded in the work. Leaders in the Church should be involved with and in the teaching of others. Regardless of denominational interpretations or understandings of Biblical prophecy, being available to do God’s work involves being part of a local body of believers. A large part of this commitment requires a desire of the local body to be involved. And, obedience is a large part of the Great Commission. We know outreach, witnessing and evangelism is not a “lone ranger program.” It is part of that “speaking the truth action” where believers are building themselves up in love. Witnessing should operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. Many are called, but few respond. Being enabled by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, we are to share Christ with our neighbors, our coworkers, our community, even in the uttermost parts of the world. Outreach, witnessing and evangelism can produce Revival. First, in the hearts of those going out. Next, in the Church that commits to sending. Then in the hearts of individuals who receive the witness. The community is touched for Christ, souls are saved, and the family of God grows. Those who become born again need discipling. The church that is involved in this process has the responsibility and the blessing of taking in the new Believers. Replicate the process and growth is apparent, in individual and corporate growth. 2 The truth of Christ is contagious. Can you see it? Can you feel it? People touching people, touching people, touching more people. The “Gifts” become functional and applicational. So, what’s the formula? Getting the Word out = Getting the believers in

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