Acts Ministry Story

By Dr. Paul Collins
As the founder of Acts Ministry, I have a story to tell.  The story began 21 years ago this past April when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me about a ground – breaking, out of the box ministry.  Yes, the Holy Spirit has a voice that is discernible somewhere deep within us — if we listen.  I am not a “spiritual guru” or a special holy man masquerading as a preacher.  I am a “guy who grew up on the wrong side of the railroad tracks” who is happiest when I sense God is giving the instructions for a project.

To continue with the story, there was a clear instruction and a mandate to establish a ministry that would reach across denominational barriers.  Sometimes we refer to denominational “lines” when, in actuality, they are barriers.  They are barriers that separate good people.  They are barriers that become fences.  Bondages are often associated with the loss of freedom when a person cannot think outside the denominational box.

Now, here is the best part!  I am a denominational person; a person who grew up in a mainline church, graduated from the denomination’s college and their seminary.  I am supporter of denominational structure and the right to have a statement of faith and doctrine.  My support does not mean I have to be a prisoner.  I can work across the barriers, and that is what Acts Ministry does every day; such has been the case for over 21 years.

Ministers have been licensed and ordained by Acts Ministry, and other similar non-profits have been accorded tax-exempt covering.  Nothing has been withheld from the independent ministers who do not have the backing of a denomination.  Those men and women connected to a denomination have been given the same rights within the Acts Ministry family as those dependent upon us for their ministerial credentials.

Acts Media Group (a division of Acts Ministry) is reaching the globe on behalf of all Christians everywhere!  They offer this newspaper, an internet radio station, and an internet television network (ATN).  They offer opportunities to save money.  There is even a benefits package unrivaled by any other association including those that are well – known and have been in existence for many years.  All of this and more can be viewed at website.

Acts Ministry offers a unique approach to Christian education and training through Acts Ministry University.  As for those aspiring to author a book, Acts Press is ready to serve just as we have already served others.

Finally, it needs be stated that Acts Ministry has a sister corporation, Acts Ministry Church International, a network of churches.  The church in our headquarters city of Springfield, MO has been meeting for worship and Bible study for several years.  If you are in the Springfield area, you can experience Acts Ministry Church (Springfield) as The Shepherd’s Chapel of The Holy Spirit.  Worship and study schedules can be yours by calling tel:417-830-4343.

Meanwhile, if you have requests for prayer, send them to  Acts Ministry Church will send them around the globe.  You will never be asked to give up your present church membership to be a part of this “Family of Faith.”

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