“Doing A Right Thing”


Over these past two years I have had the pleasure of participating in a “grass roots movement.”
Its called “Doing A Right Thing.” It started very unexpectedly with the union of two missions.
Acts Ministry, Inc. who has as its mission “serving where needed.” Businesses and non-profits on the other hand were performing missions of “help up or Repair the Damage.” After opening a office in a business building in Springfield, Missouri it became readily apparent that Acts Ministry’s media mouthpiece, Acts Media Group needed to connect with the business and non-profit community.

Acts Media Group became the “safe” connection between business, non-profits and religion. The relationship focused on character, perseverance and compassion. Acts Media Group assisted, media promoted and performed tasks designed to cooperate and support the efforts of good will. Ultimately, finding itself framed as “The Voice of Non-Profits.”

In the last 5 (five) months joint efforts of business, non-profits and Acts Media Group have created a wave of interest and commitment previously singled out for one business’s good will activity or one non-profit. Recent “Doing A Right Thing” projects include “The Car & Bike Show for Autism,” Monett Speedway Autism Awareness Night,” and in August “High School Fishing.” There were over 25 (twenty-five) businesses participating at various levels. Non-profits included Itus Virtus, Bass Slammer, American Kids, Acts Media Group and so on.

Yes, there are people afraid to see the business community, non-profits and the religious communities unite. All sides face a challenge from the out dated means of helping people in need. We on the other hand with our combined character power are a refreshing opportunity to offer compassionate and genuine persevering help. This I pray will transcend and subjugate the current economic disparity, social unrest and political uneasiness currently challenging our Nation. I end with our vision “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit.” Please pass on this message of hope!!!

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