Do Christians attend Church?

Recent surveys show attendance in Christian Churches average around 39% of the USA population of 319 million or 124+ million people. Similar semi-homogeneous groups in the USA are LGBT 3.4% or 10.8 million, AFL & CIO 3.7% or 12.0 million, NAACP less than 500,000 and there are 55 million Republicans and 72 million Democrats. Even with this resounding dominance we can add that American’s say 9 out of 10 times they believe in God! That number would be 287 million. Therefore, 163 million people believe in God but do not attend church. Furthermore, as a semi-homogeneous body of people seemingly nothing is purported and provided to a society dominated by groups representing less in most circumstances than 5% of our total population! In business terms this would be called bad management.

What is an oligarchic system. When a very small group of people control everything and everyone. Remember our early complaints about communism. We stated it set up a governmental system that lived off the general populace without any accountability. Christian leadership has an obligation to act for its body in a way consistent with its morals and principles. Otherwise clearly the non-attending Christians will grow in numbers, church attending members will decrease and the overall strength of the body of Christ will continue to crumble.

We have a window of opportunity to bring “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit.” It is caused by dis-appointment, alienation and religious insensitivity. If we focus on what we have in common and build toward consensus; we can collectively perform actions & reactions consistent in The Bible and purposeful for our nation. Let’s accomplish The Ten Commandments, The Commandment of Jesus and the understandings as expressed in The Books of the Gospel.

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