Defining Value

What is money? Many people do not know or will not admit what money really is. It was created to make it easier to trade, to make large trades of items, or to move the value of items across the country. It was never intended to be the end result. We have been warned in the past about “the love of money being the root of all evil” which is not about money. It is about a person’s viewpoint of money.

If money was designed to make it easier to trade, then why would people hoard it? Doesn’t that defeat its purpose?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that money is bad or that making a profit is evil. I am merely stating that money is like air and must be breathed in order to survive, but if you hold it in too long you perish. The deeper a person breathes the healthier they become and the healthier they are the more life they can live.

We are constantly inundated with the message that we are running out of money so we need to cut back. To that I ask, “What is money?” Money is just a way of measuring value, and it would seem silly if I told you that we are running out of inches, or we don’t have enough pounds. What we really have is a problem of people trying to measure inches based on inches which amounts to how fast is 50 miles per hour without knowing what an hour is or knowing how far a mile is. In short, people are being very arbitrary in the measurement of value.

The latest crash was mainly due to people placing bets how much money a home loan would make over the course of its lifetime and then other people were busy creating new loans on the same homes that were already mortgaged. They were busy running a formula but without any defined values. What do you define as valuable?

We have all heard the parables about stewardship, how a healthy understanding of money is a blessing; what most have not understood is that gathering and hoarding creates stagnant pools of what should be clean and pure. So if is hoarded, it then becomes malignant corrupting those that it touches. Watch the news and you will see evidence of the corruption in our justice system, our politics, and even our churches as they gather and hoard instead of sowing and harvesting.

Most people have enough, but are we sowing and planting, are we eating our own seed, or is it rotting in the stores houses?

Making a profit does not mean taking it from someone else; profit is the value you bring,and the skills you develop. Stewardship is adding to not taking from. Many don’t have much but when it is added together there is enough for all.

Gathering seed, working together and growing a harvest has been the secret of human civilization. Why has it been forgotten?


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