“Daffodils,” by Wilma Sheffer


The daffodils bloomed early this year. In fact, a few were already opened and stretching toward the sun by the middle of February at my house. I live just southeast of St. Louis County, and believe me when I say, it was cold with lots of heavy frost, and even ice and snow that those daffodils endured. Actually, they seemed to prosper all the more in their struggle to live through the bitter days. These daffodils made me think how, as Christians, we must contend for the faith with perseverance through anything that life throws at us. Do we suffer the cold and frost of trials? Can we keep on blooming when adversity comes our way? Will the trials of life make us stronger and more sure of the Lord’s love, care, and mercy?

The Children of Israel certainly are an example of how NOT to go through trials. The Book of Numbers, according to ancient translation, should be called “Into the Wilderness”! It was indeed a wilderness where their physical hunger and thirst were tested, not just once but many times. Looking at their poor choices of complaining and utter discouragement, though the Lord fed them, gave them water to drink, and blessed them exceedingl, ought to make us confident and sure of Our God today. Jesus is the Bread of life! Jesus satisfies our thirst that we will never spiritually thirst again. And their rebellion and our rebellion always leads to a bitter end. One of the many character flaws that we humans have is lusting for what we don’t have! They lusted for a god they could see. Aaron made a Golden Calf, and thousands died because of their rebellion. They lusted for power that was not delegated to them. The earth opened and swallowed some; the fire fell and incinerated others. They feared the Giants in the land rather than trusting in God’s Promise. The whole generation, 20 years and older, perished in the wilderness (except for two men, Joshua and Caleb, who believed God). Our beliefs within our hearts are what saves us, not our human capabilities or our human perseverance. You may be a strong man or woman, but in the Right Test, your strength will fail, if it is your strength alone. Every test in the Book of Numbers provides a testimony to what God Can Do! And what He Will do! Every victory is a testimony to the Power and Glory of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!

The daffodils have a rather short life span. Somewhere within their physical plant bodies, the time to whither comes, and like us, they fade and go back to the soil. While here, they have a purpose of beauty that gladdens our hearts. They provide a sign of spring that is on its way. They give us a hope of life after the death of winter! Yet, they are only a yellow mass of blooms in the still-brown grass! It is far better to let your heart seek the Lord in your time of trouble! He will bring you through victoriously, and you will glorify Him by your faithful witness! May you all have a happy and blessed Resurrection morning! He Lives!

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