“Christian Charity to Bulgaria,” by Pastor Michelle LaMountain

“Christian Charity”

Below is an appeal from Pastor Michelle LaMountain for her mission works in Bulgaria. This an area is rich in soil, poor in security and needy in Christian love and care. You can make a difference go to this website and make a charitable tax-deductible donation Now:



Dear Bishop Jim,
“I have arrived in  Bulgaria and have been presented with a request to partner in helping to build a kitchen that would serve as a community outreach to the needy in this area. Burgas is the first place I have been sent to as I begin this 3 month mission trip. The church is situated in the center of  this historically rich coastal community near the Black Sea.
The kitchen would be used as a weekly soup kitchen and breakfast program. We hope as God sees our faithfulness in serving the poor He will bring an increase and it can be expanded to be a daily food pantry serving more urgent needs. Our main focus will be the children, elderly and sick but will include the entire family. Like our country, Bulgaria has strict regulations and expectations when it comes to food preparation. we are hoping to raise $30-$40,000. Dimitre Todorov and Pastor Simeon, both Bulgarian nationals I believe would be excellent project managers. The money that comes in can go through True Bread or ACTS ministry. I can arrange to stay in Bulgaria to facilitate this long term feeding project until it is completely underway..
Agriculturally Bulgaria is blessed with many farmlands. Our hope is too buy our food supplies from the local farmers at wholesale. This will help the local economy and be an encouragement to them as they take part in helping feed the hungry.I am prepared to start feeding the Sunday school children a basic breakfast of fruit. yogurt and cereal soon. God has already blessed me with the funds for that.
I will be leaving here in the next couple of weeks to work with another pastor in creating a feeding program in his church. It is in a poorer community which serves many unemployed gypsy families. There I will start planting fruit trees and begin a basic breakfast lunch program that will include prayer, worship, the Word and fun art projects. Similar to a VBS program. God Bless brother Jim. I truly believe if God wants this much needed project He will give us all that is needed. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to put this appeal out to the public.”
Sincerely in Christ Jesus,
Michelle LaMountain
Director at True Bread International Ministries