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Category: Real News Review

“What is Autism Awareness?” by Dr. James R. Wining

    Recently, Acts Media Group on behalf of Acts Ministry, Inc. conducted an autism awareness event termed, “The Autism Awareness Extravaganza.” With remarkable help from Kansas City area to Springfield area ministers, ministries and nonprofits, came together “In Unity,” to raise a tent  and rally around supporters to comfort and inform the public. If […]

“White House Prayer,” shared by Dr. Jane Campbell

    Whether you are a progressive, liberal, conservative or of other political persuasion, I hope you find some comfort in knowing USA leaders realize they are not “The Omnipotent  Divine Emperor of Ultimate Power.” Acts Media Group supports equal reporting of news while providing information that may not be consistent with current political positions. […]

“Undue Credit,” by Dr. Jane Campbell

We live in a world of unsung heroes.  Every day millions of people, trapped in obscurity, perform heroic deeds, march of off to thankless jobs, and make countless sacrifices for the good of others.  They are faithful spouses, loving parents, teachers, pastors, nurses, social workers, soldiers, counselors, and caregivers.  They labor for some of the […]

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