“Can Christians & Muslims Live Peacefully Together,” By Dr. James R. Wining

During the 1950’s we lived in fear under “The Cold War.” In the 1960’s we battled prejudice and discrimination. In the 1970’s we fought a war that split our nation and dishonored our veterans. In the 1990’s through now we have continually fought wars beyond our borders, and left our nation unemployed and armed with fears of neighbors, immigrants and  the homeless.

Who would ever think a presidential candidate would welcome a “Berlin War” between ourselves and our southern neighbors. Who would think a presidential candidate would support killing an innocent baby. Who would ever think prejudice and racial hatred would reappear. Who would think a presidential nominee would be called good for Christians while using the “F” word.Finally, who would think a presidential nominee would be categorized a “liar.”

Given all this conflict and disingenuous living do you think we might consider understanding a little more about our Muslim neighbors? We are on the same earth and we share the same several benefits like water, air, natural resources, the sun and the earth’s bounty. Our faith as Christians includes Matthew 5:44 Love your enemies… Although the term enemy appears it is only applicable to a small Muslim terrorist groups from within. Moreover, let us not forget “The Beatitudes,” especially Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.

Can we be on a “Higher Plain,” than the political leaders who serve us? Can we make the first steps in understanding. Take a moment send us your questions to 4321acts@gmail.com  and let us see if we can reduce ignorance, distrust and prejudice and live together peacefully. In Jesus name Amen
















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