Breaking news from damascus by Evangelist Sam Biggers

It is being reported that one of the Sanhedrin’s youngest members of the Pharisee Party, Saul has changed his belief regarding his faith and is now in Damascus traveling from synagogue to synagogue declaring that the man named Jesus, who was crucified a few weeks ago, was resurrected from the dead is now seated at the right hand of Yahweh who has sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of man.  In a speech he stated: “He is the Son of God” referring to the man named Jesus.

Some of those who were traveling with Paul to Damascus say Saul’s horse was spooked by a bright light, throwing the bright young rising student of Gamaliel off.  It appears he must have hit his head and suffered a concussion.  He was blind for three days but his sight returned and he is causing an uproar among the attendees of the daily meeting in various synagogues throughout the city of Damascus.

 He has changed his mind and is now saying he is not a member of the Great Sanhedrin and has given up the Pharisee Party and refuses to join the party of the Sadducees.  He is now stating he is joining a cult made up of Jewish and Gentiles believers who are known simply as ‘the Way.’  The Jewish rulers in Damascus are gathered together at the city gates to catch this young man and bring him to Jerusalem to hear his testimony of what he believes.  This is the most radical news we have received this week.

Saul, prior to this breaking news, was a leading figure in stomping out the new cult and was on the way to Damascus with official documents to have members of the new uprising arrested and brought back to Jerusalem for trial of blasphemy.  These are serious charges.  This new cult is persuading many of our Jewish neighbors to abandon their long-held Jewish beliefs and traditions and are going everywhere spreading this false lie.  The High Priest, Annas, who signed the legal papers Saul was carrying with him when he apparently hit his head is very concerned.  This is equivalent to Ted Cruz, Mario Rubio and others holding the Senate captive and espousing the need for change in America.

Ben Carson, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly and other conservatives are supporting this new message and the Sanhedrin is fearful this new thought will get out of control and completely destroy both the Pharisee Party and the Sadducees.  Upon hearing this news many are concerned this message might gain strength and turn the world upside down and destroy both the Republican and Democrat parties in the United States.

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other leftist leaning Democrats have scheduled speeches for tomorrow morning to address this movement and their concerns that the beliefs held by this cult might confuse those on the left and many might get their eyes open and abandon the Democratic Party at the polls in November.  They are further concerned the Democrats might lose the Presidential race and some Senate seats if the news is allowed to be broadcast in the United States.  They are in fear this young energetic orator may pursue others to follow the teaching of the man called Jesus and they might suffer a major set back to the dark ages per comments made by Hillary Clinton.

They have the State Department sending John Kerry to Damascus to see if he can broker a peace agreement to keep this radical young man from turning the world upside down.

Donald Trump is stating “We are going to make America great again” and has not provided any substitutive comments because we are uncertain of whether he supports this young orator’s position that one can only be saved by faith in this man called Jesus through grace granted by God.

Religious leaders and church attendees in America are in shock of the boldness of this young man, who was a fearful religious terrorist until just a few days ago.  He was instrumental in dragging the people of ‘the Way’ into the Sanhedrin council and having them murdered for their beliefs.  Many are shaking their heads, some are on the internet attempting to discover the past history of this man called Saul so they can warn their friends not to associate with anyone with a bad history in the past who have joined this new movement.  They are also seeking some defense for self-righteous living should Saul show up at their doorstep.

This is a shot being heard around the world.  Please stay tuned and we will bring you up to date as we have more news.

Please warn your family, friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for Saul should he knock on your door tonight.  He might keep you up all night spellbound by his knowledge of the Old Testament and radical change of heart on the way to Damascus.  He is reportedly coming out with a new book entitled: Romans.😅  God does have a sense of humor!  But He, is at the same time, dead serious about the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.