Blaming God Part 7 by Wylie Comp with Faith Harvest Ministries

What about:

A vile and contemptable group making unreasonable demands on anyone who disagrees with them, under the penalty of death.

Edomites have been part of mankind’s history from the time of Isaac and Ishmael, the sons of Abraham.  The sons of Isaac were Esau and Jacob, from which developed the inner-family dispute (oftentimes referred to as an everlasting hatred) associated with Jacob acquiring Esau’s birthright and subsequently Isaac’s blessing as heir instead of Esau.  The Arabs of today are descendants of Ishmael and Esau.  The Israelites, or Jews of today, are descendants of Isaac and Jacob.  The struggle between the Israelis and the Arabs today is a continuation of the hatred that began with Jacob and Esau.  (cf. Genesis 25.21-26).  Recognition of this “everlasting hatred,” and its embodiment in Islam, is essential to our understanding its current-day implications, as well as the information that dominates daily mainline newscasts.  

In this time, we have seen atrocities that go beyond description, performed in the name of a god that makes no provision for coexistence with any dissenters.  Accept and convert or die, does not leave any options or room for discussion.  Some deranged cleric interprets words from a manuscript (Qur’an) that is suspect at best and demands that every person in the world adhere to their “current interpretation” or be marked for death.  To this, add numerous cults and isms which hold unusual if not similar positions and chaos reigns.

All Satan, the Evil One, Lucifer, the Great Deceiver has to do is get out of the way.  Confusion and chaos will take their toll and God, along with those who should or would be telling the truth to a dying world, get the blame.  It’s time for Christians to take control of the moments God has given us and be prepared to share the truth that lives within us:  The truth that motivates our true thoughts about the reality of eternity and who will enjoy it.  

Blaming God for whatever we consider bad or inconvenient for us, is part of the Natural Man Syndrome inherited through our lineage position with and through the first man Adam.  Even as Believers we deal with a natural inclination to blame someone else for our problems or un-desirable circumstances.  As Believers we are to accept our positions and conditions of life.  (cf. Philippians 4.11)  We are to trust God with and for everything.  (cf. 1 Timothy 4.10)  We are to understand that God’s ways are not necessarily our ways.  (cf. Isaiah 55.8)  We are to understand God can and often does use / has used unusual circumstances to accomplish His perfect will. (cf. Exodus 3.1-22)  And all of this truth is available through faith in the completed work done for our benefit by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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