Blaming God Part 6 by Wylie Comp with Faith Harvest Ministries



What about:

A natural/un-natural disaster.

God’s Word exclaims His attributes:  Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal.  Nothing has ever caught, nor will anything ever catch Him by surprise.  That said, it doesn’t mean or even imply that He is not grieved when bad things happen to good people.  His will from the beginning is for everyone to know Him as LORD.  But, all of mankind, since Adam and Eve, was/is conceived and born in sin.  Satan did that for everyone.  The Earth was created perfect, as was the first man and woman.  God judged the Earth and mankind then renewed His commitment to mankind.  He intervenes in the affairs of mankind on His terms, not Satan’s or ours.

Severe climate conditions are present around the world as a result of sin.  And mankind, while becoming more capable in predicting as well as tracking some of these events, is still unable to control them.  (cf. Ecclesiastes 8.7-8).

Hurricane Katrina damaged property and caused death all along the Gulf Coast of the United States.  Advanced warning spared many thousands of folks the grief associated with loss of life.  Others actually refused to accept, or simply ignored the warnings.  The result was horrific.  But who received the blame ?  Somehow the affect Satan has on the Earth goes unmentioned and God is tagged with not loving mankind enough to stop the event.  No attention is given to some underlying conditions that added to the severity of the situation.  

Many years earlier, greed replaced need in the hearts of those charged with constructing levees along the Mississippi River and around New Orleans, LA.  History is available for those who want to look.  Corrupt officials and contractors built the levees to a lesser condition than actually designed.  (Everybody knows the Government “over-designs” everything).  Piles were not driven to specified depths and backfill materials were not placed correctly.  Those responsible for the work pocketed the difference and years later thousands suffered when those levees failed.  As usual, the love of money is a root of evil, but somehow Satan gets a “pass.”

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