Blaming God by Wylie Comp part 5 With Faith Harvest Ministries

   wrecked car

What about:

A special friend or other loved one being killed in an auto accident, or
  some other type of incident.

Intelligence and progress are part of using our minds and natural resources to improve and advance during the process of life on earth.  (cf. Genesis 1.28 / Ecclesiastes 1.9)  As we have progressed through the centuries since creation, we have been blessed and oftentimes cursed with/by new products developed for supposed improvement to quality and convenience of life.  And, accidents have been associated with mankind following the disaster that occurred in the Garden of Eden.  The automobile is only one example.  Operating a vehicle within the limits and constraints if its design and the regulations associated with its use is the responsibility of the operator and the authority charged with that responsibility.  Abuse of that responsibility is mankind’s natural inclination toward sin.  

Most, if not all accidents, occur without intent.  (If it was intentional, it wouldn’t be an accident)  Irresponsible driving of an automobile, even if it is done innocently and without malice, is wrong.  No one appears concerned about driving over/under designated limits until such action causes or results in an unfortunate incident.  Satan enjoys any calamity and its results, especially when God receives the blame.  

A child born with a serious, possibly hideous, birth defect.

As tragic and painful as this type of physical disconcertion may be, or become, it is/was not caused by God.  Scripture provides an understanding of this through/with the words of the Apostle John.  (cf. John 9.1-6)  God allowed, didn’t cause, the blindness to occur.  The malformation of physical sight characteristics in the womb of the mother, dysfunctional cell order during gestation, or whatever caused the man to be born blind, was a result of Satan’s influence in the lineage of this particular family.  God knew about it and during Christ’s time on Earth, at the appointed time, He used His power and gave sight to the blind man.  Satan put the particular sin in motion and it simply ran its course.  He didn’t sit around watching to see what would happen.  His actions always result in something distasteful.  All he does is initiate the process.  In the case of the blind man, his “bad seed” resulted in the condition of fetal blindness.  The man’s parents and family were distraught of course, but Satan got the glory he wanted when everyone blamed God.  God used the man’s life-long condition for His glory.

A personal involvement in/with a serious medical problem.

As God designed things, bacteria is a good thing.  When managed and maintained in their respective and assigned areas of operation, they produce good results in/for our lives.  But, in the history of man, ignorance, coupled with belligerence, has caused un-natural cellular and molecular relationships to occur.  Over time, i.e., thousands of years of mankind’s presence on the earth, cellular and molecular development has denigrated and mutated into causative agents that negatively affect our lives.  Sickness and disease is associated with this undesirable process.  And, when a dire medical or physical situation or circumstance comes into our life, we naturally want to know “why.”

Believers have access to the greatest physician in the universe, who may determine in His will to immediately or progressively heal us.  We also have God’s personal assurance that nothing will come into or onto our life that we cannot endure, or He will provide a way to escape.  (cf. 1 Corinthians 10.13)  Even in an undesired medical or physical position, we have the promise from God that in His perfect will He works all things for good in accordance with His purpose.  (cf. Romans 8.28)  

We have the option of succumbing to Satan’s desire and blame God, or accepting the situation as an opportunity to trust the Lord and praise Him for how He will be glorified in the outcome.  Whatever it is, it came to us through sin; the sin of others, or some sin in our own life.  A believer has the responsibility to keep the affairs of life in check.  (cf. Ephesians 5.15-20).

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