“Blaming God,” by Wylie Comp with Faith Harvest Ministries


Part 1

Our lives are full of opportunities to thank and praise the Lord for His blessings and special involvement in and with circumstances and situations that cause us grief and misunderstanding.  There are times though, when we may doubt our position in God’s forever family and actually blame Him for some serious problem or negative situation.  We have the answers along with His positive assurance through His Word and our personal relationship with Him.  We need to remember our position and claim the Truth as our guardian and rest in the knowledge that He promised He would never leave us or forsake us.  (cf. Deuteronomy 31.6 / Hebrews 13.5)

God is the author of “good.”  (cf. Genesis 1.31)  Everything bad, i.e. diseases, disasters, physical disorders, social disorders, fiscal calamities, even death, come through the efforts of Satan, Lucifer, the “shining one.”  (cf. Isaiah 14.12-20)  From his point of entry into the affairs of mankind, we can see that Satan is and has been an influence of and for evil in the physical world and in the spiritual world as well.  (cf. 1 John 15.9)

Since the time of Noah, mankind has had use of the Earth and all it produces at their discovery and for their utilization.  In modern times, we can review their accomplishments and failures by a simple examination of history. Even the simplest of efforts to find out where we have been and what we have been doing during the time since the great flood, reveals the presence and influence of Satan in the affairs of mankind.  Satan is against any good thing that honors and glorifies God.  He cannot alter the perfect order of the universe that God created, but he can and has aggressively been involved in messing with every facet of mankind’s association with what God has made.

God made a perfect Earth for His creation to enjoy.  Satan brought sin into the equation and the perfection God planned for His own became disorder and confusion.  As a direct result of mankind’s indulgence of Satan’s will in and for our lives, we have permitted him to destruct and destroy much of what God has provided.  From Noah and his descendants who survived the flood, through today, Satan has been active in his programs of deceit and prevarications to the extent that God is now being blamed for everything that causes us, or anyone, physical, emotional or mental discomfort and/or pain.

Sin, the opposite of God’s will, was introduced into the world with Adam and Eve.  It (sin) was with Noah and his descendants.  Century upon century has produced an immeasurable amount of sin.  Misuse of the Earth, God’s gift to mankind, has resulted in or produced great quantities of inappropriate combinations of natural elements.  Disease and illness are products of sin.  God did not create cancer.  It developed as a result of sin.  Cell mutation is directly attributable to Satan.  Name an affliction.  It is or was caused by sin.  God has not, never has and will not “will” anyone to be oppressed with sickness and disease.  However, His perfect will has been and will continue to be demonstrated in the way He addresses a particular situation and uses it for His purpose.

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