Blaming God by Wylie Comp part 4 with Faith Harvest Ministries

    noahs ark

Even though selected and chosen by God to replenish and repopulate the earth, Noah and his family were not without sin.  They, like Adam and Eve and those who came through them, had a free will.  They, like mankind today, were intelligent and curious.  As the population grew some used their abilities and capabilities for the betterment of all.  Some found ways to exploit others.  God chose to confound their language which resulted in different customs, as well as unique understandings of nature.  They found ways to use elements of nature for enhanced lifestyles.  And, as with Adam and Eve, Satan slipped into the process.  With his encouragement, some misused and abused the knowledge they were compiling.  As a result, elements of nature that had been created and made good for mankind were combined and modified for purposes other than for what God intended.

Some lifestyles were enhanced while others degraded through the processes of use, misuse and abuse.  Lucifer and his minions planted more seeds of dissent and greed spurned on by pride and jealousy.  What God had intended for the good of mankind, mankind corrupted and altered the uses and applications.  And, because mankind is by nature sinful, self-serving attitudes produced, and continues to produce, vile and morally corrupt concepts for life that result in maladies which affect entire cultures as well as individual communities and those who live there.  

So, when we find ourselves facing severe challenges and situations which affect us physically and/or emotionally, we look for answers and reason.  When we don’t find them it is easy to blame God and accuse Him of allowing such a condition or circumstance to develop.  Some even say God is aware of whatever is occurring but He is unable or powerless to amend it.  Certainly not a position supported or indorsed by/in Scripture.  None-the-less, the question is almost always asked, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  

What about:

A family member contracting a horrible disease and perhaps even
  dying from it.

Sin, the opposite of God’s will, was introduced into the world with Adam and Eve.  It (sin) was with Noah and his descendants during and following the Great Flood.  Century upon century has produced an immeasurable amount of sin.  Misuse of the Earth, God’s gift to mankind, has resulted in or produced great quantities of inappropriate combinations of natural elements.  Disease and illness are products of those sins.  God did not create cancer.  It developed as a result of sin.  Cell mutation is directly attributable to Satan.  Name an affliction.  It is or was caused by or as a result of original sin.  God has not, never has and will not “will” anyone to be oppressed with sickness and disease.  However, His perfect will has been and will continue to be demonstrated in the way He addresses a particular situation and uses it for His purpose.

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