Blaming God By Wylie Comp part 2 with Faith Harvest Ministries

An example of God using a Satan caused affliction to demonstrate His healing
power is/was when the Lord Jesus Christ gave sight to a man who had been blind
from birth. God allowed, didn’t cause, the blindness to occur. The malformation
of physical sight characteristics in the womb of the mother, dysfunctional cell order
during gestation, or whatever caused the man to be born blind, was a result of
Satan’s influence in the lineage of this particular family. God knew about it and
during Christ’s time on Earth, at the appointed time, He used His power and gave
sight to the blind man. Satan put the particular sin in motion and it simply ran its
course. He didn’t sit around watching to see what would happen. His actions
always result in something distasteful. All he does is initiate the process. In the
case of the blind man, his “bad seed” resulted in the condition of fetal blindness.
The man’s parents and family were distraught of course, but Satan got the glory he
wanted when everyone blamed God. God used the man’s life-long condition for
His glory. The example here is Christ healed the condition.
When “common sickness” is involved we can usually persevere, ride it out and let
the bodies God has so wonderfully made see us through. Some people are sick
because they refuse to do right with their eating, activities, etc. Our bodies belong
to the Lord, if we belong to him, i.e., if we are born again through faith and saved
by God’s grace. Even so, Satan has access to our mental processes even if we are
believers. Over the centuries since creation he has been busy pushing his program
and just generally messing with the minds and bodies of everyone who became or
becomes exposed to his message and methods. His actions and those of his
demonic associates caused massive problems throughout history. Today, this same
alliance produces sickness and disease, along with all types of calamity, in all
sectors of the world.
We are all aware of some believers who are suffering or who have suffered greatly
because of a severe illness or some afflicting disease. We accept or try to accept
the premise that God does not “will” anyone to such a condition, but none-the-less
it is occurring in our own life or the life of someone we know and love. As
believers we are not to test God. Through the Prophet Isaiah God tells us: “For
my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the
Lord.” (Isaiah 55.8
It is quite possible and with some degree of probability, God will allow a situation
or circumstance to exist or come upon us for a purpose. A purpose we may or may
not understand but can accept because God’s ways always have reason or meaning.
Faith is the part of His will He wants us to use and trust in His bigger and more
significant plan. If we accept God’s will concerning whatever situation or
condition He brings to, or allows into our life, we can glorify Him in/with/by our
infirmities and rejoice all the more whether we are healed or not. We should
embrace our position in Christ like the Patriarchs of King David’s time, and know
that Christ has the power to heal any illness or disease and restore anyone who,
through faith believes for the healing and trusts God for the outcome, as taught by
Christ’s Disciples and made clear in God’s Word. (cf. Psalm 103.2-3 / Jeremiah

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