“Awaken Ministries by Pastor Tom Young” overview by Dr. James R. Wining


Pastor Tom Young is an Ordained Minister of Acts Ministry. He has done everything from administering a Christian Theatre to missionary work throughout the USA. He has a deep compassion for ministers, ministries and Christian workers. He along with his staff can provide marvelous works in support of your ministerial services.

Pastor Young provides pulpit fill-in service, Bible Study, and church auxiliary support. In essence a pastor could take a vacation, expand or develop a new ministry and help serve his/her congregation in a new and broader way. Who could ask for more in our world of stress, conflict and discord. He is that cool drink of water during the fires of life.

You can check him out on our Approved Ministers, Ministries and non-profits http://www.actsmediagroup.com/the-list-of-authorized-ordained-or-licensed-ministers-ministries-and-christian-workers-in-good-standing/ or see his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tom.young.39501 His phone number is 417-761-1047 and his email is
tomyoung9415@gmail.com Pastor Tom Young is truly a servant’s servant. A glory to our savior Jesus Christ.