“Autism Awareness Extravaganza Goals,” Pastor Jackie Scott, Corporate Secretary Acts Ministry, Inc.



The money raised from this event will have ongoing benefits to families dealing with autism.  Knowledge is power and our GOA shows on Acts Television provide information on cutting edge research on autism, practical tips from parents who have reared and are rearing children with autism.

The mentor fishing program provides socialization for children with autism, and a relaxing break for their caregivers, we teach water safety which is vitally important since drowning is the number one cause of death in autistic children.

At last year’s events we had one child speak for the very first time and we had a father relay to one of our volunteers that he was working two full time jobs to pay the $3,000 a month medication bill and was so grateful that someone cared enough to take his son fishing.

Last years Autism Awareness event awakened the community to the sensory difficulties of autistic people. Sound protection was freely provided and light direction changes were made to help with this most stressful condition.

Finally, this event will fund a feasibility study on developing a tiny home community for autistic adults which could allow some to lead semi independent lives.