Are You Socially Concerned? By Paul C. Collins, TH.D.

My social concerns are more serious than the so-called “Social Media.” When I travel the streets of my small city, I see the signs of people hurting. Too many are hurting from hunger, physical abuse, homelessness, mental illness, and a lack of basic services.

The promises of politicians, the proclamations from friendly pulpits, and the professionals paid to be “do-gooders” are “whistling Dixie in the dark” while the hurting are experiencing a steady rise in pain.

What I am doing about it? The answer is simple: not enough! I have a computer, I can spell, and I still have my mind at age 82. In spite of being very blessed, I am finding it more and more difficult to find the ways and means to search out the most critically needy. Also, I am finding it challenging (to say the least) to find an agency that I can trust with my time, money, or work.

Now, I am at the point of this short op-ed. The answer to both of the issues is found in the efforts of Acts Media Group. I know you will be impressed by their website at Study it carefully. Your time at the site will be rewarded with a clear channel to “Serve Where Needed” by “Doing The Right Thing.” Both of these statements are an emphasis of Acts Ministry and Acts Media Group.