Apples Of Gold In Settings Of Silver By Evangelist Sam Biggers

We should remind our heart each day that our words, thoughts and actions are important.  They reveal who we really are – both in private and in public.  If one runs with a profane crowd, soon their speech, thoughts and actions are impure and they defile their own soul and those around them – including family and friends.  Our society has so much impolite, disrespectful, rude actions and vulgar language in daily communication that it is little wonder small children are also using foul and vulgar language.  We hear it every day in this date of history: individually, on radio, television, in print and social media, even from the White House to the street corner where drugs are sold and there is no excuse!


A person with a filthy and foul mouth grieves me.  The mouth speaks what the heart is filled with and how one’s mind thinks – revealing the core of one’s desire, intentions and direction in life.  I can listen to a person over time and almost tell you what is in the heart of that person and drives their actions.  If they never mention Christ, they are either a “secret” Christian, if there is such a person, a Christian or an unbeliever.  Am I being a judge?  No, the Bible tells us to be fruit inspectors.  There are character traits that can only come from God called “The Fruit of the Spirit.”  Look them up and study the fruit listed in Galatians 5:22-23.  One cannot live immorally and these fruit flow out of their life.  Self-control is a big killer.  I may seem to exhibit many of the other traits but when I lack self-control it offends God and disrespects man.  We need to read Galatians 5:19-21 to understand what God hates in one’s life.  Immoral actions and lifestyle are due to a lack of self-control.  Only the grace and Holy Spirit of God can enable us to live a life of self-control and, at our very best, we still mess up from time to time.  We are made righteous by God’s grace not our actions; however, our actions will flow from a daily relationship with Christ or from a daily connection to the polluted springs of the world which are nothing more than a sewer pipe.  Desiring and seeking for the fruit of the Spirit character traits to be evident in our life by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit will change our life, if we are open to listen and obey the whisper of the Holy Spirit of God.  A pure heart speaks words that are like this proverb:  A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.


As I reflected on this proverb, here is my interpretation of how one learns healthy, righteous speech which gives life to others.  Man’s thoughts and words are weak with little power or promise; however, when we learn true words of faith and love, our life will change radically.  Yes, I continually struggle in this area; however, God is always within me to strengthen me.  None of us are perfect, but this fact does not give us a license to live immoral lives and be loose lipped by which both (actions and words) defile ourselves, our children, our families and those we come in contact each day.  Here is my take on the proverb above: To make the words the Bible (the Word of God) truly ours, we must honestly think them over again and again and again until they take root in our personal experience.


Only when we have made a total commitment to eternal wisdom will we understand and experience the ability to speak words of life into our own circumstances in life and lift the spirit of those around us.  No truly healthy person, if we are really listening and stop to think about it, enjoys the company of a negative person or a crude, filthy mouth.  Such language – impure and degrading – should stop us in our ‘tracks so to speak’ and cause us to ask God to help us to speak words of life into our own life, if needed, and into other people’s life.  It may even require, if we are obedient to the LORD, to speak a gentle word of rebuke, expressing our desire to please God.  We should never seek to judge them but to help them stop and think about the words of their mouth.  Speaking something like, “I know the words that come out of my mouth can bring life or death to you and can be pure or impure and I hope we can accept, respect and encourage each other with wholesome words of life.”  If they have any self respect and truly sit down and think about what they just said, it might begin to change their life.  This is being a witness for Christ in a negative situation.  A person with a loose mouth of filthy language has little self respect and certainly does not truly respect others.  I have stopped people and asked them to change their speech or our conversation was over.  I cannot recall a singular incidence where they refused to change their choice of words.

I refuse to go to the theater because of the language used in most movies – nor do I watch them in my home.  Garbage into my mind equals garbage out into my thinking and then garbage flows out of my mouth.  The sewer pipe delivers what is placed into itI don’t seek the outlet of a sewer to find a refreshing drink of life giving water!  Positive words of life in enables life to flow out, because out of the heart the mouth speaks.  Think about how often we hear the use of crude language in our society.  If our nation would clean up the language used in our daily lives, everyone would benefit and our children would have better manners and learn respect for their self and others.  You cannot convince me that hearing crude and filthy language doesn’t affect my or your speech.  We need to listen to our own words as they flow from our lips.  Yes, we all need to change both our attitude and speech – I include myself in this area of life.  Please read the book of James in the Bible and see what he wrote about speech.


The apple reminds us we need to have self control.  Eve and Adam had a problem with it.  Self control is to restrain one’s emotions, actions and desires to line up with God’s will.  Self control is not living for one’s own desires.  Self control is living according to the Great Commandment.  A person with self control yields to the rights of others to their own hurt.  A person with self control is immediately obedient to the whisper of the Holy Spirit with the heart.

“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.”  Proverbs 25:28


It is virtually impossible for one to restrain self without the enduring presence of a higher power.


Remember God’s promises are guaranteed and He reminds us with His awesome creation!  He has promised to help us in this area of our life.  He has helped me and continually works on me to change in order that I might please and honor Him.

Honor God and He will bless you!