“America can’t Correct the World until it Corrects Itself,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Russia isn’t the issue. Marijuana isn’t the issue. Men over women or homosexual versus straight are not the issues. Not even citizen versus non-citizen or Muslim versus Christian are the issues. No, its more basic than that. Surprisingly,  enough it all boils down into a pot that fits another Jesus teaching.

The American News Media lacks “respect.” The Russian News Media lacks “trust” and the end result is hostility, frustration, and disrespect that permeates into the world. Social issues like, legalizing marijuana, homosexuality, immigration and so on are jarred by the fundamental issues between government and the public, Democrat and Republican and friend against friend. Neither side knows how to respect the other and the end result is a country and world built on fear, militarism and nuclear holocaust.

America can’t “correct the world,” until it corrects itself. Quiet honestly I’m tired of talking about Russia, Mr. Comey, Emails, popularity versus Electoral College, or even Mrs. Clinton. None of this gets us universal health care, less tax burdens or a safer world to live in. Let’s take a teaching from The Bible that fits the situation and is easy to understand.

Matthew 7:12 “Do to others what you want them to do to you,” Offer forgiveness, amnesty, kindness, comfort, protection, compassion, understanding and love. Drop the judgement, punitive, righteousness and covetousness of the extremist both right and left and seek a path of peace that passes all understanding.  Assuredly, your head will rest each night in the knowledge you have accepted the wisdom given man by God not the anger or stupidity of man. Amen.