“All People Protected Equally,” Dr. James R. Wining

We live in a beautiful country with opportunity and with economic prosperity and security for most. Unfortunately, the key word is “most.” This golden opportunity excludes in rising numbers the elderly and the adult disabled populace. Those weaker and the defenseless fall prey to physical, spiritual and financial abuse each and every day.  What can we do?

I appeal to every individual, non-profit and church to step forward and look into forming and participating in the formation of social action causes that monitor, advocate and help those individuals that are being abused.
It can be as basic as regular nursing/health care facility visits, individual home visits, senior recreation facilities and health facility contact. Let’s put eyes on those that are vulnerable and not accept paper state or federal oversight as an answer for true personal hands on works.

It is time collectively to come in unity. Moreover, we Christians must step forward actively to stop abuse that is physical, spiritual and financial. Let’s help the weak and perform as  stated in the book of James 2: 14-26 . Let us know what you are doing by emailing us at 4321acts@gamil.com  God’s Blessings!