ActsFest “Go Green Means for 2017-2025”



GO GREEN MEANS for 2017-2025:

  1. Fifty percent (50%) of all households in America will have at least one (1) EV-environmentally friendly vehicle AND
  2. Twenty five percent (25%) of all fruits and vegetables will be produced in
    contamination free mediums  AND
  3. Twenty five percent (25%) of all households in America will self produce
    at least twenty percent (25%) of their own consumable contamination free
    medium fruits and vegetables AND
  4. Twenty percent (20%) of all homes in America will be energy self sufficient (Off the Grid) AND
  5. Twenty percent (20%) of all medicines prescribed in America will be natural homeopathic based AND
  6. Seventy five percent (75%) of all bodies of water, streams, causeways and ground waters will be cleaned of high levels of any and all poisonous levels of elements such as but not limited to arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. AND
  7. All GMO based foods will be removed and replaced by contamination free medium foods. (New labeling CFMF) AND
  8. All product development will protect and improve existing water, air and soil conditions in America AND
  9. All drug consumption related use crimes will be treated as a medical conditions for all people including veterans, people with chronic pain and otherwise developed, disabilities ,etc and pathways of cure through natural homeopathic means will be utilized AND
  10. First, individuals and families in America will be encouraged to seek mind (education), body (physical activity) and spirit (For example: Biblical teachings
    others available) training in order to be a healthier and happier person.