Acts Ministry, Inc. “The 21st Century Church,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Recent political activities in the USA apparently have shocked Christians and non-Christians around             the world. Terrorism and the absence of political correctness appear to smash the lines of normality. In fact, with the introduction of Sharia Law and the Muslim elected mayor in London, citizenry appears dismayed with choices but afraid to end up like London.Where does Acts Ministry, Inc. fit in with all this chaos?

First, let us re-visit the vision. We believe, support, and commit our works for “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” Therefore, all that we do in church, out of church, in service, in the community, in work and in leisure is to further the vision of a loving, caring, compassionate, body of Christ that is receiving comfort and direction from The Holy Spirit. Today is therefore, the time for an “Intouch 21st Century Church Body,” that is relevant in the world but not directed by it. This is Acts Ministry, Inc. for those lost, dismayed and also the found seeking purpose and strength.

Second, is our mission, “Serving where needed.” This means serving in areas we have historically been uncomfortable. Helping such people as disabled veterans, disabled children, felons, homosexuals, homeless people, addicted people, single parents, Muslims and other displaced people with different religions. Yes, it is difficult but Acts Ministry, Inc. is the 21st Century Church leading others in service irrespective of differences but also, ever mindful and expressive of its divine mission and vision for God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. These actions will drive out the fear experienced by a lost person or frustrations of a stagnant Christian

Third, and finally is the implementation of our vision and mission into the world. We are educated in The Word and in The World. “Doing the Right Thing,” means providing answers and support to social needs and justice within the words of “The Gospel of Jesus Christ.” His parables are remarkably relevant in the 21st Century. Yes, this may be taking bold steps on issues like poverty, penal reform, medical marijuana, homosexuality, war and abortion. All of our steps must be Biblically based, and considerate of the highest levels of human intellectual information. In unity serving where needed we will do the right thing by upholding God’s instructions that are applied to man’s worthy accomplishments.This is what Acts Ministry, Inc does in churches, fellowships, ministries, on the radio, on TV, in print and over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and around the world in Jesus name.

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