Acts Ministers, Ministries, Missions, Outreaches and Christian Workers



Below is the summary of opportunities and responsibilities every Ordained or Licensed Minister, Mission, Outreach or Christian Worker has to Acts Ministry. Please, note with that authority the full support of Acts Ministry is at your disposal. This includes FREE time and space to reach from around the world to your community. See and Through the media services of Acts Television network, Acts Radio, The Real News-Review, and your works become better known, better attended and better supported.

The following is a list of handouts outlining the 2016 changes. They are as follows:
1. Acts Ministry, Inc. Status Reporting Guidelines as at January 1, 2016 and
2. “Where’s the Proof,” The challenge ahead in ministries and our mutual responsibilities and
3. Service (Service, Reporting & Giving {SRG} portion) and
4. Reporting (Service, Reporting & Giving)
5. Giving (Service, Reporting & Giving)



























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