A Picture Of A Life Well Lived By Evangelist Sam Biggers

The picture below reminds me of the natural and spiritual river of life that is openly flowing from the throne of God to mankind today. Whether one accepts it or not, God’s love flows down to man with abundance (John 3:16, but don’t stop with verse 16 For the complete perspective one must also read verses 17-21).  These words from the Bible (words from the very mouth of Jesus Himself – to a man who came to Jesus by night, probably because he did not want anyone to see him with Jesus) should make us pause and take inventory of our life and realize that God created everything beautiful in nature for us to enjoy, not worship, but specifically in order that He might reveal Himself to us.  How can anyone doubt that God exists?  It is beyond my mind’s ability to understand how anyone can question the existence of God when His creation shouts with glory and praise unto Him, my Creator and I hope you claim Him as your Creator.

This scene leads me to go to Psalm 1 and Psalm 23.  God’s heart is to pour out His love with passion and strength unto whoever will accept and follow Him, and He will at the same time, give us the calm waters of His peace and rest in His presence.  In God’s Word, for those who read it and are obedient to Him, man can hear His voice as the sound of thunder,  and at the same time, hear His gentle whisper as He guides us each day, if we know Him.

[Those who delight in the law of the LORD and meditate on it day and night are living trees of righteousness firmly planted where God wants them – in fertile soil along God’s spiritual river with their roots reaching into the river which is flowing from the throne of God, and they will be bearing fruit in each season (no matter what the season of life may bring) with leaves that do not wither (others will be able see the richness of God’s blessings on their life) and moving forward toward Him (walking with Jesus with a desire to have a pure heart that is embroidered with His Word upon its walls) with His promise that such a person (all who believe and are committed to Him) firmly planted in Him, and obedient to Him, will prosper in all they do.] – Sam’s paraphrase and perspective of Psalm 1 for application to daily living in obedience to God by loving and following Jesus.

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Read on if you want to know more:

How could anyone neglect so great a salvation offered by God in His Word?  If we don’t know what His Word requires of us in obedience, we really do not know Him.

If we do not have a personal relationship with Christ, we will have no understanding of His character, His nature, His attributes, His ways, His power, His purpose, nor the power of the gold thread of blind obedience to Him [simply stated: obedient faith is rich (gold) as the (fragile, easily broken by sin) thread of obedience to Him and His Word which is received and lived out by faith taking each step in life without knowing what the next moment holds – but knowing that God holds it in His hands].

Sounds complex.  Is very simple.  To know Jesus is to follow Him in blind obedience with a willing heart to go where He directs us to go and to do what He requests of us to do without asking why, when, where, how – but simply listen with our heart and obey the whisper of the voice of His Spirit – and walk with Him.

Almost everyone says they believe in ‘God.’

However, there is a vast chasm between knowing about God and knowing God personally, namely Jesus Christ, and daily walking and communicating with Him.

It is possible to know Christ personally?  Yes, it is possible.  But there is an exchange that must take place to receive the prize of life – the most precious gift in life – and it is free.  Everything, other than God Himself, must be laid down in full surrender to the Master whom name is Jesus.  This means I must lay down my pride, my prestige, my power, my possessions and stop compromising with the things of this world and make a firm commitment to follow Christ.  God demands obedience.  Yet He gives us a choice to say yes or no.  It is that simple and should scare the pants off of us if we are not in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Yes, this is rather tough for us to accept as fallen humanity because we are all full of pride and arrogance, conceit and self-gratification.  We all struggle with issues in life that need forgiveness.  It is hard to lay down our purposelessness life (life being lived by and for self) and make a commitment to One who is eternal and who created each person with a specific purpose in life.  I believe you and I have value in life.  Our lives should be filled with purpose and destiny – eternal rewards.  Drifting through life should make us nervous and keep us awake at night.  It should weigh heavy on our mind.  Why were we created and placed on this earth?  God has the answers if we want to know – however, we must seek for the answer – and it is in the book.
Further, God will not force Himself on anyone.  He allows us to make the decision – and the decisions we make will have eternal consequences.  God will not force anyone to live for Him or with Him, but He will allow us to make the choice to live with Him or without Him – eternally without Him, if we so choose.  Serious business isn’t it?  We are talking about eternity, not just another day at the park.  The choice is up to me – I make the decision – God simply will not force His will on me or anyone.

God loves all mankind.  He loves you and He loves me.  Yet He allows you and me to make the choice in life whether He will be Lord of all or not my Lord at all.  The decision is up to us.  No one would want to get married 90% of the time or 95% of the time nor 99% of the time, if they value marriage at all.  It is either all in 100% or ………… I don’t even need to share the other option.  Everyone knows the result if they think about it.  Our conscience tells us what is right in this decision.

When that tender, still, almost quiet voice starts to whisper to me that I need to make a decision, it is a serious moment to meet heart to heart with God – and that is what is happening when our heart starts to tremble.  We begin to understand there are high values and standards to which every man has been called to obey, and believe me, it is a work of God in our life as our heart begins to fear Him.  He will not strip anyone of their dignity, nor will He leave anyone with shame.  Rather, yielding to His still quiet voice brings freedom, absolute total freedom will be found in full obedience to Him.

I know.  I need Him every hour, every minute, every moment of every day.  I pray we all come to know Him more and more each day.  And I pray we will all understand the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom as written in the book of Proverbs.