“A Lesson in Humility,” by Jean Andress

Lesson in humility….So I’m stuck. My battery is dead and I’m at the trail head parking lot to the Frisco Trail, where earlier in the month I had found a used hypodermic needle. A rough running car pulls into the parking lot and I’m not sure if the driver is a woman or man but the whole thing does not look good.

I’m ready to dismiss with a shake of the head and a judgement of there’s another dope head, like I have the room to judge. Then I get a nudge, ask them for a jump. What???? Ask them for a jump. As I walk closer to the car, I can see it is a woman, so I say, “Maam, do you have jumper cables and would you mind giving me a jump?” She says, “Sure, I should have a couple somewhere let me look.”

Well come to find out she thinks God has given up on her. That she came out here from the east coast with a promised job that was given to someone else and she was to the point of having to live out of her car. Her fiancee had gotten a job working construction but they were close to the edge. I was led to hug her and tell her that God was not done with her yet as I slipped a little green into her pocket.

Yes, she was successful in getting my car started and me back to work. God is so good when I get out of the way!
Love and Light!